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Project problem

A Miami P.O. Box leader in international e-commerce logistics all over Latin America and the Caribbean required an upgrade for the customer’s website and user dashboard as the technologies and interface employed were outdated and unfriendly for users.



1 Frontend Developer

1 Backend Developer

1 UX/UI Designer

1 QA

1 Tech Lead

1 DevOps



Customer's Website

User Dashboard


Project Type

Team Augmentation



11 Months


Applied methodologies

Agile Methodology



Laravel (PHP) with Statamic as CMS, Vue.js (JavaScript)

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trans-express web-app

The Challenge

Ensuring Scalability & Adaptability01

Ensuring that the new platform was scalable and adaptable to future changes, which was not possible with the current platform's structure. To address this, we had to carefully consider the architecture of the new system and choose technologies that would allow for easy integration and expansion. This required a thorough assessment of the project's scalability needs to ensure that the new platform was flexible enough to accommodate future growth.

Counterintuitive User Dashboard02

Users found it difficult to manage their dashboards and access information on their current shipping packages, as well as create and manage their storage lockers. This created a stressful experience for them. To address this issue, we needed to improve the user experience and make it more intuitive for users to manage their dashboards with ease.

Technology & UX/UI Design upgrade 03

The website was functional but outdated, both in terms of technology and user interface. To provide users with a more satisfying experience, we upgraded the technology and created a more user-friendly interface. Our development team updated the platform and integrated all Trans-Express services with the new displays.

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A top international logistics company had to match its quality services with a quality online experience for its users. That is why, we provided a high-performing, highly skilled, and highly experienced team that knows how to use agile methodologies to understand and solve in a timely manner, the clients pain points and deliver valuable solutions for the company and its customers.

Vladimir Contreras

Director of Engineering, Elaniin

Experience is everything

In order to deliver a functional platform, we had to define how this new platform would look and what was the best way to integrate all the Trans-Express services with the new screens. This also includes an effort to change the way that all the services were consumed by the frontend which will help to include changes or new features in the future.

Developers’ main takeaways

  1. Building up a common language between the team and the clients. We have to empathize and be aware of clients that do not understand technical language, in order to have clear communication and expectations for the project.
  2. Establishing trust with the client led to better feedback in each phase of the process, conducting to a final product that meets and exceeds the customer's expectations.
  3. An initial session for discussing expectations and limitations with the client is key. The team needs to be aware of the client’s needs and limitations for collaboration to run smoothly and for both parties to become aware of what is attainable since the beginning of the project.
trans-express website

The Result

  1. We worked with the Trans-Express team to define the new screens for the platform applying all the UX/UI techniques and best practices to give the users a great experience. To create these designs, we selected a new stack of technologies that allow us to improve security, implement best practices and give the best quality product.
  2. Changing the UX/UI also comprises an effort to change the way all the services were consumed by the frontend which enabled to include changes and new features.
  3. As a result of all these changes, a completely new platform where the users have all the Trans-Express main services now includes a friendly and more secure way to view their package information, make requests, and know all the company information through an updated User Dashboard.
trans-express webapp

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