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A New and Improved Online Banking Experience

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Project problem

Credicomer recognized the need to upgrade and enhance its digital products to provide more advanced technological experiences to its customers. However, their existing banking app lacked the necessary flexibility for innovation and the user interface was not designed to provide an optimal user experience. Credicomer aimed to provide its current customers with greater access to online banking services and attract new customers by improving its digital banking experience.



2 Backend Developers

2 Frontend Web Developers

2 Frontend Mobile Developers

1 Lead Developer

1 Project Manager




Web App - Online banking & Administrative board

Mobile App - Mobile banking & Simplified account

Infrastructure - Implementation of High Availability Infrastructure (Kubernetes) On-Premise

Entity-Relationship model

Software architecture design

User, Back End and Front End technical manual


Project Type

Team Augmentation



16 Months


Applied methodologies

For the structure and complexity of the project, the team opted for a Waterfall methodology.



Java Spring Boot (Back End), Vue.js with Nuxt.js (Web Front End), React Native (Mobile Front End), Docker and Kubernetes.

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The Challenge

App Reconstruction01

Credicomer already had a monolithic application. Our team had to reconstruct all of its current functionality under a new architecture. Adding new features for easier customer transactions and acquisitions of banking products online.


It became a necessity to update the infrastructure with the latest technology — Our team had to build a high-availability on-premise product with improved functionalities and an improved user experience.

Time & Quality03

As banking institutions are in a race for technological innovation, Credicomer needed to launch its new products in the least amount of time possible and with high-quality results to stay as one of the top banking institutions in El Salvador.

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We produced top-notch solutions using innovative technologies, a micro-services architecture, a high-availability infrastructure, and modern UX/UI trends. In a time when customers seek companies that digitalize their products and services, Credicomer Web App and Mobile App deliver a highly functional and improved customer experience.

Oscar Magaña

Software Development Manager, Elaniin

Sustainable solutions

Elaniin's working model involves Agile's good practices, involving Credicomer's representatives through each stage of the process to ensure strategic alignment. We created a scalable, trusted, and sustainable solution for the client to manage on its own, as the last platform was a closed tool maintained by an external provider.

Developers’ main takeaways

  1. We focused the creation of the MVP on quickly stabilizing the product and making essential adjustments to its usability to maximize the delivered value within the designated time.
  2. The constant communication and collaboration established with the client were key to delivering a valuable product that solved its needs and exceeded expectations.
  3. Each member of the Team Augmentation service was carefully chosen for their high performance and skills profile to solve each of the project's challenges.
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The Result

  1. With Rapicuenta App, customers can create a simple savings account without the need to visit an agency. Being a completely digital product, a customer identity verification process was implemented by using artificial intelligence services. In addition, an agreement of the account contract is done during the user registration process, creating the possibility of having a banking product to perform multiple transactions online, offering a better experience and better services for its customers.
  2. A complete upgrade of web and mobile online banking has been made possible with Credicomer Online. Thanks to world-class technologies and the implementation of a software architecture that enables scalability and high availability undoubtedly distinguishes this banking platform. Innovative processes, from biometric log-in to simple step-by-step transactions are functionalities that make the user experience unparalleled. Credicomer customers can check their product balances, view their transaction history, and make transfers and payments easily, quickly, and securely.
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