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The Largest Marketplace in Central America

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Project problem

The pandemic accelerated online consumption habits in the Central American region, creating an opportunity to develop a platform that provides a genuine online purchasing experience in the region.



1 Product Designer

1 UX/UI Designer

2 Frontend Developers

2 Backend Developers

2 QA

1 Project Manager



Brand Styles

UX Analysis

Microservices Architecture

UI, Prototype, Handoff, Source Library

Source Code


Launch to Production


Project Type

Full Project



Ongoing Project


Applied methodologies

Competitive benchmarking, User and product discovery, Usability testing, High-fi prototyping, Backend implementation, Frontend implementation, Microservices, and QA.



Laravel, NodeJS, ElasticSearch, React Native, MySQL, Vue, Docker and Kubernetes. 

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The Challenge

Managing a large product catalog01

With over 500,000 products in its catalog, Mercandú faced the challenge of managing and keeping such a large database up to date. This required the implementation of a solid and scalable microservices infrastructure that could handle the workload, allowing for greater flexibility in managing the platform, and enabling faster adaptation to market needs.

Cross-Border Transactions02

Mercandú expanded from El Salvador to Guatemala and is now opening in Honduras. This process has required the adaptation of the platform to different local laws and regulations, the incorporation of new providers, and shipping services, and the integration of multi-currencies for consolidating Mercandú as a leader in the Central American market.

Integration of local businesses03

Integrating local businesses into Mercandú has posed challenges in data management and shipping logistics. Our team had to collaborate with stakeholders to seamlessly fuse these businesses into the platform.

close quote

It was a huge challenge to be in the process of creating the largest marketplace in Central America, but with a highly qualified team and a total focus on the user, we were able to build a robust e-commerce platform that demonstrates the tech quality of the region.

Rodrigo Castillo

Engineer Manager, Mercandú

Experience is everything

To create a regional e-commerce platform, the development team managed logistical and technological processes such as platform selection, user interface design, payment gateway integration, security implementation, and CRM software utilisation. They executed these tasks carefully to ensure a satisfying and seamless customer experience.

Developers’ main takeaways

  1. A highly skilled and experienced team can make a massive difference in the quality and efficiency of the development process. This project shows the importance of having the right developers in the right place to achieve project objectives.
  2. The use of cutting-edge technologies and the adoption of best industry practices are crucial to maintaining a competitive edge. At Mercandú, you can see how the development team is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies to offer their users a high-quality experience.
  3. The focus on constant innovation is essential for success in today's increasingly competitive online market. Mercandú has demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt to trends and offer innovative features to its users.
  4. Effective collaboration between teams is essential for the success of any project. The team works in an integrated and coordinated way with other departments such as design, product, and marketing to achieve an optimal result.
app mercandu

The Result

  1. Mercandú is a successful e-commerce startup company that keeps growing and improving, in order to provide users with a 360 ° shopping experience through a website and mobile application platform.
  2. Users can find more than 500,000 products in various categories such as Technology, Home, Vitamins, Makeup, Pets, Toys, Cell phones, and Computers, among others. In Mercandú, you can find everything for everyone!
  3. So far Mercandú has thousands of products available in different categories, managing to impact many users, families, and partners, giving them an experience only thought to be available in other countries.
website mercandu

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