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Project problem

Online banking needed a refresh for the overall image and functionality of the existing application. There were a number of taps that made navigation complicated, and on many occasions, there were sections that generated confusion for the user.



2 Android Developers

2 iOS Developers

2 UX/UI Designers

1 Project Manager

1 Team Leader



Android and iOS Mobile Applications

Configuration, Architecture, and User Manuals 

New interface


Project Type

Staff Augmentation

Team Augmentation



7 months under Team Augmentation 

9 months under Staff Augmentation


Applied methodologies

Waterfall Methodology, migration to Agile (SCRUM). 



Swift 5 (iOS), Kotlin (Android), MDM Architecture.

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app banco azul

The Challenge

Complicated Navigation01

The different taps and sections made navigation complicated and confusing for the user. It was necessary to be able to access each product in an intuitive and friendly way to avoid frustration or confusion when reviewing their accounts. 

Proper Documentation02

We had no documentation of the services or the flow of transactions within the app to start with. Reverse-engineered had to be performed, a search for which flows to replicate, and several different processes to redo. 

Proper Time Frames03

The time could have been better estimated to achieve the project within the established time frame and it was part of what drove us to migrate to the Agile methodology.

close quote

The Banco Azul mobile app was born with the idea of giving a 360º turn to the current online banking that they handled for their users. It sought to give a new user experience and a new friendly way to have control of all products offered by the bank, taking into account all security measures to ensure the utmost protection of customer information.

Gabriela Mejía

Scrum Master, Elaniin

An ideal design process

We had to take into account comments from several users in different interviews. Prototypes, and testing processes were carried out to arrive at the desired product. Also, microinteractions were generated to make navigation user-friendly.

Developers’ main takeaways

  1. The goal was to create an application that could offer all these products and transactions like control of personal and business accounts, the balance of expenses by category, credit / personal loans, and time deposits.
  2. It was a significant challenge given all the processes that had to be carried out, such as updating the interfaces that were zero user-friendly and redesigning the interaction of the mobile banking app's services.
  3. We grew as a team and developed a level of commitment to one another to deliver a nearly perfect product and demonstrate the quality of the projects that can be delivered to future customers.
  4. Through this project, we learned to request the correct documentation from the client. For our work to be done correctly and thus deliver the highest quality product.
app banco azul

The Result

  1. We managed to create an application completely from scratch based on existing online banking functionalities, in order to find a logical, intuitive, and functional experience that would accompany the user from the moment they enter until they leave the application. 
  2. The application performed all the services its users needed and it was much easier to do every transaction on the app. This result and the quality of the deliverables are the reasons Banco Azul was left happy and more than satisfied with the app for their clients.
  3. Although there always were problems synchronising times between the client and the team, thanks to the delivered results, more contracts were extended to make more improvements to the applications.
app banco azul

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