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We believe in ideas that elevate, encourage, and inspire the tech industry to do better. We believe in world changers who aspire to be the change, to create high-quality products that matter with our innovative and agile IT Staff augmentation. We are confident that from Latin America, we can create world-class tech solutions for everyone.

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Since the inception of Elaniin, our goal has been to be a software company that creates products that exceed our clients’ expectations. We have successfully achieved this by embracing our entrepreneurial, innovative, and disruptive spirit, always keeping the end-user experience as our foundation.


Adrian Gomez CEO, Elaniin


Of our digital boosters think that they work in an EXCELLENT environment


Trusted clients around the world


Presence in countries worldwide

Everyday Motto

Elaniin means: Elevate, Encourage, Inspire. Besides being part of our name, it is part of who we are. Our identity and our team of #Boosters have this mindset in their DNA.

History timeline background

10 years impacting the tech industry

We have come a long way since our beginnings in 2007. What once started as small video game development in a basement became an IT solutions company of 200+ people all around Latin America.


We started small but with a big dream

With 3 young men with a love for coding, a computer and a small garage.


Elaniin is officially born with a set purpose,

elevate, encourage, and inspire projects and people!


A workspace to inspire

We moved from a small office to our current headquarters with a capacity of having 200 collaborators!


Growing team in all America

We now have boosters throughout America, making global projects a reality

Elaniin’s Principles

Elaniin’s principles are simple but strong. We wanted to challenge the old ways with our work philosophy.

Our core values

Elaniin is a lifestyle. Our goal is to grow your business in the most impactful way, creating our own opportunities at any given time.


Let’s dream a little bigger

Under our cultural pillars: Elevate, Encourage, and Inspire, we boost our collaborators from around the continent to embrace diversity and recognize its potential to develop creative and innovative solutions.

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Inspiring Leader

Our leader's vision and determination to impact the tech field in Latin America are the guiding lights that keep us inspired and striving for greatness in each of our projects. His powerful energy encourages our team leaders and boosters to strive to keep Elaniin's success at the top of the tech industry. That is why he was name as the Most Admired CEO in El Salvador for 2022.

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