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Innovating a Country’s Migration Control System

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Project problem

The General Directorate of Migration and Immigration of El Salvador processed approximately 86 million migration records at its maritime, aerial, and terrestrial borders using an outdated On-Premise Legacy system that was 12 years old. The user experience and interface were lacking, causing delays in the work of migratory agents. The intent was to renovate the overall systems involved in migration control of the General Directorate, creating an innovative and efficient solution for its users.



3 Frontend Developers

3 Backend Developers

2 UX/UI Designers

2 QA

1 Scrum Master

1 Product Owner



Integrated Migration Management System

Visa Emission System

Travelers Web-App


Project Type

Team Augmentation



12 Months


Applied methodologies

Agile methodology, Scrum framework.



React, Next.js, Laravel, PHP, Horizon, SQL, AWS

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The Challenge

Data migration process01

Migrating more than 86 million delicate migration records was a critical part of the process. The data integrity and accuracy were of utmost importance, leaving no margin for errors as it had to be completed successfully on the first try. An ETL process was used to migrate the data to the cloud while ensuring that all the sensitive information was handled with the highest care and security.

Non-scalable architecture02

The architecture ran on-premise. With no scalability, extra components, and many different technologies — The process and architecture had to be updated to relocate the migration system to the cloud with a new data structure.

Creating a new process03

We analyzed the existing migration system to create a new blueprint for improving the migration process for all stakeholders. This solution resulted in the development of new products to enhance the work and migration process of travelers and consulates of the country.

close quote

Using the new methodologies on development and cutting-edge technologies, we renewed all the systems and processes of the General Directorate in Migration control. This project makes me proud, it exceeded our expectations and yields a social and technological impact in El Salvador that will improve its perception in terms of innovation and technology.

Ariel Torres

Scrum Master, Elaniin

Experience is everything

With an Agile methodology approach and state-of-the-art technology, the project successfully renovated the overall systems involved in Migratory Control, developing an Integrated Migration Management System, a visa emission system for El Salvador consulates worldwide, and a travelers' web app for streamlining the pre-check-in process and improving times for customs agents and travelers.

Developers’ main takeaways

  1. When the outcome of the final product makes the users' workflow easier, we know we have made exemplary efforts and applied the best methods to solve their needs. It satisfied us that we improved their performance, provided a more secure system, and automated a process that will save them time and effort.
  2. It was a challenging and complex project. We had to analyze the processes, needs, and paint points of each of the stakeholders involved - the customs agents, the consulates, migrants, and immigrants, and deliver an integrated solution that was innovative and functional for each user.
  3. Using the Agile methodology allowed us to finish each project in time record; the Integrated Migration Management System was delivered within 12 months, the Visa Emission System took us six months and the Travelers Web-App was built in 3 months.
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The Result

  1. The Integrated Migration Management System is an innovative registering cloud-based system that delivers flexibility, reliability, and efficiency to custom agents and travelers who cross borders.
  2. The Visa Emission System administrates and issues visas for foreigners wanting to visit the country for and out of touristic matters. This system will enable an easier and more accessible process for users to enter their paperwork information online and get immediate responses from consulates to get their Salvadoran visas faster.
  3. With the Travelers web-app, Travelers can entry their PreCheck information and Customs declaration on their smartphones. A QR code is generated to show in Customs, making it an easier and faster process for airport agents and visitors to travel through the country anytime.
  4. With agile methodologies, Stakeholders collaborate with the team throughout the entire process, resulting in a series of innovative products that bring the best user experience and solve the client's needs beyond its expectations.
migracion web-app

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