Platform for insurance companies
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Nowadays, insurance companies in the region are lacking in logistics skills and processes. These kind of issues are costing excessive expenses for insurance companies. After an accident, these corporations get in serious trouble trying to help their clients, managing where to take their cars, finding the ideal supplier for the auto parts replacements, etc.

A platform made for insurance companies

Swift is a platform made for insurance companies, so they can focus on giving their clients the best logistic support without sacrificing their high-quality services or over-spending money. Swift will be the channel for the companies to create partnerships with auto parts suppliers in the same country or outside, bringing excellent services with no inconvenience. We developed three different profiles for the platform users: the administration (insurance companies), auto parts suppliers and car workshops. Every profile was developed with high-tech tools and with the latest UX/UI tech trends. The goal is to deliver a tool that is based in the user-experience of the customers.

Technologies and platforms

We use the best technologies and platforms to ensure the client’s and customer’s satisfaction.

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