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Back-End Development

Our Back-End services enhance and deliver performant and secure solutions through programming, database design, and optimization.

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About the service

Take the hassle out of creating and managing your project

Experience unbeatable performance with our latest technology and expert developers.

Our Back-End Development service ensures a seamless and up-to-date solution, freeing you from technical worries. Trust our reliable and secure solution to exceed your expectations!

The process

Building better products from concept to launch

The back-end is the heart of any application or website, responsible for processing and storing all the information generated in every user interaction.

Trust our team of professionals to provide you with a well-developed back-end and ensure the success of your project.


Setting objectives and goals

We try to understand the client’s requirements in detail to ensure we deliver a project that fits all their needs.


UX & UI Wireframing

Elaniin’s UX & UI Experts are highly qualified and willing to make an excellent design for your project.



Once the flowchart is approved, our developers create the solutions using the agreed upon graphic elements, content, and design.


Unit Testing

Our developers write and run automated tests to ensure that each component of the back-end software is working correctly.



The back-end software is integrated with the front-end and deployed on a live server


QA Testing

Our QA team conducts manual and automated tests to ensure the application works as expected and meets the client’s requirements.


Validation and verification

Before the delivery, we establish a validation phase to determine if the project meets the client’s expectations.



Errors are fixed and periodic improvements are made to keep the application updated and functioning properly


Professional development with our top-notch tech stack

rubinode logomongo logojavamy sqlLaravelveureactGithubGitlab


Our top astounding projects

From small businesses to large corporations, our team has delivered secure and reliable Back-End projects that maximize productivity and efficiency for our clients.. 


The ideal choice for a reliable and professional project

  • We are the ideal choice for a reliable and professional Back-End development service.
  • We use the latest technologies and frameworks to ensure that our back-end solutions are secure and performant.
  • We use agile development practices to ensure that your web development project is completed on time and with the highest quality standards.


Some tips from our experts

Boost your project's success with our skilled experts, delivering top-quality work and valuable contributions.

In this process, it is important to focus on a user-centric approach to achieve efficient results. Comprehensive testing and refinement are also key to ensuring that the back-end programming is efficient and meets the high expectations of our users.

Victor Mendez - Backend Developer, Elaniin

Building the backbone of robust and scalable applications is what we do best. Our team of back-end developers creates seamless and efficient systems that power your product, ensuring it can handle any workload and meet the needs of your growing user base."

Steven Cárcamo - Backend Developer, Elaniin

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